Sunday OCT 7 Practice YOUTH U13 Group



EVERY SUNDAY Oct 7th-Dec 2nd 2018


Sign up sheet (Get Cell/Email/Info)

10:10AM-10:20AM     THE HOW TO’S PART !: (HOW 2 Pass/Catch/Pickup GBs)

More advanced players move into HS Group Practice if desired (Full Gear Needed)

10:20AM-10:35AM     Partner Passes On The Cones (Passing/GBs) (Tom, Tim, Etc Help each Side)

10:35AM                     WATER BREAK (Coaches Split Teams)

10:40AM-10:50AM      HOW TO’S Part II: (How To Shoot/Play Defense)

10:50-11:10AM            Play 5v5 With Mini Cages (First to 5 then break it down and come back next Sunday)

Purpose of Program

1.) To Create a Fun and Educational Environment for the Sport of Lacrosse in Flagler and Volusia Counties

2.) To have the kids wanting to come back and start a interest in lacrosse in their lives 

Job Descriptions 

Emma: Sign In Sheet

Byron C: Practice is Motivating and Is run organized and successful 

Tom/Tim/Kyle: Help the players individually with their game

Emma: Take Pictures and Videos

Help Videos



Ground Balls:

Catching throwing:

Games to have fun:

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