Sunday - Nov 18 Practice

You'll never regret time spend on fundamentals

Groups of 3

Monkey in the middle

both sides feed into the middle, back, forth, turn, GB, Pick

2 vs 1 GB

pass - pass - shot: Add crease - Add Attack - Switch

Ladder Def

hitch or alley

goalie peel backs, long passes, clear fundamentals

Crease Feeds

push push alley

Fast breaks getting back in as reset




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Practice Jan 28

8 Main Whistles/ALARMS 5 Groups Group 1 Goalies - With Coach Paul Group 2 Dark - With Coach John Group 3 Dark - With Coach Rob Group 4 White - With Coach Chris Group 5 White - With Coach Andrew Indivi

Practice 2:30 pm Tuesday

Stretch (5 min) Lap Footwork drills - (10 min) Run 10 yards to cone, side shuffle 10 yards, back peddle 10 yards Stretch AGAIN in line Break into Focus Groups - 10 minutes tops with coach john 1st yea