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Sunday Dec 9 Practice


Warm up stickwork

Line drills or diamond drill or star or middle-man

Keep away

Goalie + 2 defense

cant got above GLE

2 attack ride and try to get the ball. if get ball, defense lost

dont limit to defense players only, use midfielders

6 players at a time


2 defense

2 attack (10 balls per attack in pile)

2 crease

Run the crease guys constantly setting picks and getting ball from each side

Defense is practicing body positioning on ball, sluffing in off ball

rotate attack to crease and feeders

6 players off

low crease

2 defense

2 crease

2 high middies (10 balls each middie in a pile at top)

Run the crease guys same as above but in low crease

balls coming from top middies...inside

rotate middies to crease and feeders


6v6 half field

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