Pumpkin Shootout - TEAM INFO


Team Info:

Deep South Flagler

Competing in HS-B Division

(Youth U10 div message me)


Indian Trails Sports complex palm coast, fl

Oct 20-21

Saturday 2-3 games

Sunday 1-2 games

7v7 Tournament

Expect 8am arrival

Key Points:

Like basketball, you keep playing even after goals, without a face-off

Offense: there will be 4 offensive players when you're trying to score (your 2 defense cant cross the midfield)

Defense: You'll have 4 Defensive players protecting the cage. (your 2 attack "strickly offense" stay back and cant cross midfied)

Goalie: 7th player


Jersey PROVIDED: See Below

Shirt under jersey NOT PROVIDED: WHITE (bring several)

Shorts NOT PROVIDED: Black or Grey

Team Players Confirmed

Nick - Goalie

Richard - Middie

Chase - Attack

Dalton - D

Nick - LSM

Andrew - Middie

Xaan - D

Chris - Attack

Jake - Mid

+ Deep south owner, Coach of Hagerty, has 7 players joining us if necessary


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