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REVIEW: Pumpkin Shootout

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

From the Perspective of things we did GOOD

1. We were a team. Even for newer players that had very little experience, we proved that culture can win games.

2. We did several of the small things rights. Substituting through the box, using the midfield line to help with clears, taking shots when there's a window of opportunity, locking on defense quickl

y etc...

3. We learned to relax and not get as chippy. You'll remember that I pulled you off as soon as I saw you getting even slightly rattled. That is to allow you to calm down. Preventing penalties is a major part of winning games

4. Substituting off to allow for everyone to get playing time. From the Veteran Players to the New Players, when you did something good like scored, you shared the field. Game IQ comes from getting to actually play. You're helping everyone to get better by allowing for short runs, up - tempo

5. You had fun

From the Perspective of things we need to to IMPROVE

1. Approach

2. def stick control

3. bbss

4. gb

5. traffic

6. head up

7. backup

8. alley shot

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