Pumpkin Shootout 2019

Another year has past and Flagler County has had several changes with it's lacrosse community since pumpkin shootout 2018.

We've had changes in head coaches, new organizations, and surrounding development with youth lacrosse in areas we wouldn't have expected.

Change is constant. One thing that I have personally learned throughout the process is that no matter how different everyone's coaching style is, or how experienced the coaches are that work with our kids, every single coach is doing the best they can to help a sport that they love. If we substitute the word coach with volunteer, we begin to see the level of commitment that they immerse themselves in for the sake of the sport, community, and team.

Lacrosse is a sport built on tradition, and my personal hope for everyone in Flagler County is that no matter who is carrying the torch at the moment, the people who have benefited from someone else in the past help to support them any way possible. Whether time, encouragement, or funding, we can all keep in contact and pay it forward.

This year, our club organizations will have 2 high school division teams and 1 middle school division team. We wanted to put a middle school girls team in, but came up just shy of numbers.

We wish everyone good luck and as a yearly goal, let this serve as documentation that next year, 2020, Flagler County and it's lacrosse community enter more teams


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