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Practice 2:30 pm Tuesday

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Stretch (5 min)


Footwork drills - (10 min)

Run 10 yards to cone, side shuffle 10 yards, back peddle 10 yards

Stretch AGAIN in line

Break into Focus Groups - 10 minutes tops

with coach john

1st year players offense:

1st year players defense

with coach rob

Experienced players offense

Experienced players defense

Review of Saturday / Sunday In Focus Groups

Warm ups - 2 sets of diamond drills (10 Min)

Right Pass


Right Pass

Groups 2 groups of 10 (20 Min)

GROUP - Fast Breaks: Run by Rob

GROUP - 3 kids on field plus goalie - Clearing passes (2 low w / goalie, 1 higher designated), outlet up the field: Run by John

West Jennings (20 Min)

TIME 3:45 Chris Arriving

5v4 slow breaks:

set attack

2 lines of mids

box of D

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