New to Lacrosse & Picking Equipment

Our program is designed to be neutral and to everyone's benefit in Flagler County and surrounding areas. As High School sports programs struggle to maintain funding, the fallout has been that parents are paying for equipment for their kids. The slope got even more slippery when safety requirements demand that we should be keeping up with equipment changes regularly.

What does this mean for a new parent or youth lacrosse player trying to pick equipment during the summer or fall? We've put together 3 basic packages for folks to view. A neutral package where the risk in spending would be that if you're going into high school, you might purchase new items specific to that school's team. A Matanzas option, where we try to make sure to connect you to Matanzas Lacrosse Uniform standards. And an FPC option, where we invite you to view every item in an FPC online store that the team keeps up to date. By trying to align your purchases with the school you might be attending, you can save by not having to purchase similar items in the future.

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