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Introduction: Youth Lacrosse Starting: Sunday 9/9/18 @ 10am

We are hosting an introduction to Flagler County Lacrosse as a rec program on Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 10am.  

Location:  Wadsworth Park Flagler Beach, FL

Goal:  To establish a point of contact, point of reference and direction to getting your kids involved in Lacrosse within Flagler County.   

We are seeking involvement from youth lacrosse players and those whom would like to learn the game. 

This program is targeted as being both supplemental to existing programs, and also as a way for current players to give back by teaching someone younger than themselves.  

Here is a timeline of what September 2018 and the beginning of the program should present. 

Sunday September 9 2018:  10am Introduction to our Coaches, Concept, and Goals

Saturday September 15 2018:  2 Professional Lacrosse Players are holding a clinic with our organization from 10am to 12pm at Wadsworth Park.  This is a way to be involved in connecting Flagler County to a national lacrosse community.  The 2 professionals are Ryan Brown and Joel Tinney. 

Sunday September 16 2018:  Daytona Tournament for existing players.  DME is hosting a tournament for young players and mens level players at Municipal Stadium in Daytona Beach, FL off LPGA blvd.  The tournament will be all day from 8am to 8pm and will have small clinics by Ryan Brown and Joel Tinney throughout the day.  This is an opportunity for existing players to gear up, even if signed up as an individual, and also for new players to see the game in action.  There will be middle school, high school, and mens level players competing all day.  

Sunday September 23 2018:  Our first hands on practice from 10am-1on

Sunday September 30 2018:  FCA, a St Augustine Club lacrosse program, begins practicing and coaching with our group in order to expand our current abilities to run full, beneficial practices.  (Practice Times Expanding)

Thank you 

Visit our website anytime at


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