High Schoolers get Volunteer Hours for Teaching Lacrosse

The concept is simple. Pay it forward. And it's really a win-win.

High School Students across Flagler County are encouraged to come out and be a part of keeping lacrosse alive for another generation in our county. By growing the sport and investing in our younger kids in the county, our high school lacrosse players can learn to be better communicators, roll models, and learners themselves. Teaching the teacher is a method they can continue to use throughout their lives and by helping others learn through teaching, our existing programs will remain stronger.


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Practice Jan 28

8 Main Whistles/ALARMS 5 Groups Group 1 Goalies - With Coach Paul Group 2 Dark - With Coach John Group 3 Dark - With Coach Rob Group 4 White - With Coach Chris Group 5 White - With Coach Andrew Indivi

Practice 2:30 pm Tuesday

Stretch (5 min) Lap Footwork drills - (10 min) Run 10 yards to cone, side shuffle 10 yards, back peddle 10 yards Stretch AGAIN in line Break into Focus Groups - 10 minutes tops with coach john 1st yea