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Flagler County Alumni Clinic

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Saturday December 15, 2018

8am-11am followed by a scrimmage


Alumni Coaches: Alec Noble, PJ Prevot, Tom West & PV Help

Introduction - The field:

Restraining lines

field positioning

dropping in


Drills: Whistle, Dropping in

The offense:


choices in the first dodge


Looks & Choices

Drills: Work ball through X as point, spacing...Set up Dodge

Wing Dodges, X Dodges, High Wing Alley


High or low crease, off pipe

inside feeds


Drills: Feed into single player crease, pick & slip

Recognizing the uneven:

communicating 2v1 & pushing

Drills: use coaches as D, & demonstrate


Coaches: Mark Russell, Chris Cantanno, Jeff Lavino, TJ, Chris Hair

Face Off's and understanding field positioning

Choosing personnel for a faceoff

Losing a faceoff and dropping in vs winning and potentially changing personnel out

Drills: Practice faceoffs. Use the box to substitute people you will class as a personnel swap

Concept of playing man to man middie defense

How tight you should be playing

Understanding off - ball positioning

Where do we want to drive the opposing team

Drills: Set up with midfield offense & Defense

Walk through spacing & Practice driving someone down the alley

What does it mean to be ready to help

Who's hot, 1 slide is the primary first thing to learn.


Where do we go when a goalie or d-pole gets possession

what does it mean to be middie back


Drills: Run clears, use the alleys, designate a middie low. That low middie is the midde-back

Middie Offense

Triangle offense

Driving down the alley


v-cuts to get ball

moving towards a pass/throw

crease play

off-ball cutting down alley with rotation

CLOSE Defense:

Coaches: John Kleinfeler Rob Ford, Greg G, Ryan Serp

Understanding the field, Restraining lines

Close D Field Positioning, stick positioning

where are we trying to turn offense

1-slide: Who's Hot, slide

Pushing down / inside into a slide

Help - 2 slide


Calling middie back

Unevens- fast breaks

Unevens - penalty time & what we're looking for


Coaches Zapata, Byron

Coaches needing to bring:

Total of 4 goals

Total of 100 balls

Total of 50 cones

Set up field with first few drills

Coaches arrive at 7:30

Someone needs to bring BBQ

Publix run by a parent at 10 am to get charcoal, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, to feed approx 40


Utensils & cooking equipment

Folding table


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